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Lighting control systems provide ambience and mood to the home or office as well as security and greater levels of energy efficiency.

The TruLighting range of lighting control cables includes products for all the leading intelligent lighting and building control systems.

Popular systems include Crestron, Loxone, Dali, Control4, Mode Lighting, Simmtronic and KNX. These systems allow for the perfect living or working space at the touch of a button through the control of lighting, climate and blind control. These provide substantial energy and cost savings to the end user.
TruLighting cables are designed to meet the specifications of these control systems and many are available in Low Smoke Halogen Free (LSHF) making them ideal for installations in public buildings which may be difficult to evacuate in the event of fire.

KNX Member LogoThe TruLighting KNX cable is tested and certified by the KNX Association, guaranteeing the interoperability of devices on the network. Using a certified KNX product gives you peace of mind and flexibility of equipment once the cable is installed.